Relational Leadership Facilitation Training (“T3”)

Are you ready for the opportunity to grow as an individual and leader?
Are you ready to have more ease and connection in all your relationships and interactions?

T3 is an opportunity for both and so much more.  

In a world full of tensions, divisions, and conflict, relational leaders can play a huge role in creating connection, cohesion, and efficiency. Relational Leadership is about being an elegant and effective communicator.

It’s about being highly skillful in working with groups of people to create safety, connection, teamwork, synergy, and creativity.

It’s about more easily getting what you want in all your relationships, and it’s about inspiring and supporting others to get what they want too.

It’s about being able to shift group cultures (teams, workplaces, organizations) towards more inclusivity, collaboration, healthy hierarchy, and profitability.

It’s about being the go-to person for leading meetings, providing support, facilitating decision-making processes, mediating conflict, and resolving differences.

At T3,  you will have the opportunity to train in being the kind of relational leader that people are craving. By relational leader we mean:

  • One who puts human connection first
  • One who knows how to be real and vulnerable
  • One who can welcome, own, and reveal the entirety of their experience–desires, doubts, boundaries, mistakes, and successes
  • One who can take any relational moment and make it more deeply rewarding

Our curriculum balances outer skill development with the necessary foundations of deep self-awareness and self-acceptance.  You will be welcomed, honored, and respected in your unique experience. You will be among a community of people who want to know who you truly are underneath the cultural conditioning and your habitual persona.

T3 is for you if…

  • You want to be a relational jedi
  • You want to be able to motivate & inspire others
  • You’re ready to do the internal personal work so that you are at your best externally
  • You are ready to be challenged and confronted in service of seeing your relational blind spots
  • You want to be a bad-ass communicator
  • You want to increase the intimacy in your personal relationships
  • You want to have the skill to mediate conflict in your family and among your friends

The program includes….

  • 8 Live Weekend Intensives
  • Monthly Interactive Video Conferences
  • Regular meetings with your practice triads between weekends (trained mentors provided for every triad)
  • Private fb group for ever-available support and training resources
  • Ongoing assignments to make the bridge into your real life
  • Customized attention during the weekends

We have a high student-to-staff ratio of 3 to 1 to ensure that you get the support (and challenge) that you need to develop along your unique path. In support of this customized attention, we will cap your cohort at 14 students.

We train you extensively in the component skills of relational leadership:  Self-awareness, attunement, empathy, vulnerability, facilitation, mediation….all in service of boosting your relational intelligence, your capacities as a leader, and your ability to live from the wisdom of an open mind and the compassion of an open heart.

For most of our students, T3 turns out to be a resounding milestone in their professional and personal development, as well as a top growth highlight of their entire life.

T3 SB 2019-20 Schedule
The Friday date of our eight 3-day weekends

Wkend 1 ~  Sept 27
Wkend 2 ~  Oct 25
Wkend 3 ~  Dec 6

Wkend 4 ~ Jan 17
Wkend 5 ~ Feb 7
Wkend 6 ~ Mar 6
Wkend 7 ~ Apr 3
Wkend 8 ~ May 1

Next steps:
This cohort is already full but if you already know you want to join us for our NEXT program, get your name on the list. Space is limited to 20 people. Next program scheduled for 2021.

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