Who are the culture builders at your company?

By Simon D’Arcy

Each and every one of us is a culture builder. Every time we interact with one or more people, we are reinforcing and shaping the culture between us.  When we wake up to culture and become aware of how we are relating, we are faced with a choice: we can continue to reinforce what’s here OR we can become champions for the next level culture—someone who is acting with the desired culture in mind.

What kind of culture are you committed to creating on your team or in your organization?

There are many inspiring examples of leaders who embrace the role of a culture-builder in their organizations.  It’s not just an “HR thing.” They are CEOs, COOs, VPs and Directors, Managers and Individual Contributors from all parts of the organization.

What they have in common is a natural curiosity about culture. They are intrigued by what’s possible in groups, naturally pay attention to group dynamics, and tend to be systems thinkers. They are committed to people feeling empowered, cared for, included, engaged and alive.

They are known by many names:

  • “Chief Happiness Engineer”
  • “Chief Culture Officer”
  • “Keeper of the Culture”
  • “Senior VP of People’s Well Being”
  • “Director of Culture & Integration”
  • “Head of Team Happiness”
  • “Chief People Officer”

 You may be a culture builder if you:

  • See company culture as a potential competitive advantage
  • Want practical solutions that don’t interrupt the flow of business
  • Are losing good people amidst business success
  • Want to make a real difference to the world
  • Already have a decent culture and want to make it a great one
  •  Deeply care about your people and feel moved to honor them–beyond promotions and bonuses
  • Are ready to shift from success to fulfillment
  • Want to go beyond an exclusive focus on bottom-line success and create a lasting legacy

Learn from other culture-builders

In the near future we will be convening gatherings for leaders who are passionate about shaping workplace culture and want to share and learn from their peers. Express your interest by getting the gift below and we’ll be in touch with updates.

Simon D’Arcy   Curator @ Culture-Builder.com Partner at Evolution.  Champion of the Culture Builders Manifesto.

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Simon D’Arcy is a partner at Evolution, where he works with leaders of fast growing growing start-ups and high-growth companies that strive to be iconic, world-enriching entities. He is an executive coach, consultant and leadership mentor with over 20 years of experience assisting leaders and companies on six continents. His work focuses on helping leaders become highly effective culture builders for their teams and companies. Recent clients include Tile, 8i, Slack, Dropbox, Yahoo!, Genentech, and Slack. He is the founder and curator of www.culture-builder.com—a resource for leaders curious about the latest inspiration and insight on culture building. He is also the author of the forthcoming Culture Builders Manifesto.

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