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We exist to increase the number of culture builders in the world.
Culture Building is going mainstream –  but not fast enough!  Business-as-usual—profit-at-all-costs—isn’t working, and it’s causing social and environmental damage faster than we can repair it.    
The purpose of culture-builder.com is to accelerate an emerging trend—already well underway—by collecting and sharing some of latest and best examples of how other companies—of all sizes and industries—are effectively creating thriving team environments.  In a business world often dominated by stories of corruption, fraud and greed, It’s a a window into a slice of corporate life that is good, true and beautiful.
Not because they are perfect expressions of the ideal, but because they are endeavoring and making steady progress toward creating something better.
If you’re reading this, youre probably one of us –committed to doing what you can within your sphere of influence to build team cultures that empower people and help meet the challenges we face. 
Thank you for being part of this movement.  

Meet Simon D’Arcy

Simon D'Arcy

Simon D’Arcy is an executive coach, consultant and leadership mentor with over 20 years of experience assisting leaders and companies on six continents.

His work as a partner at Evolution focuses on helping leaders become highly effective culture builders for their teams and companies. Recent clients include Tile, 8i, Slack, Dropbox, Yahoo!, and Genentech.

He is the founder and curator of www.culture-builder.com, a resource for leaders curious about the latest inspiration and insight on culture building.   He is also the author of the forthcoming Culture Builders Manifesto.

He began his consulting and coaching career in 1995 at Malandro Communications, where he worked with leadership teams inside Fortune 1000 companies to change their culture from a command and control environment to a high-performance culture based on partnership, trust and 100% accountability.  Clients included Rohm & Haas, Zurich NA, Sun Microsystems, Farm Credit Canada, and IRI.

As a Culture-Building Consultant, he helps business leaders design and create more conscious and high-performing cultures that enable greater purpose and better results.

As an Executive Coach, he help leaders reveal their blind spots, discover their genius and lead from their biggest, brightest self.

As a Social Artist, he designs and facilitates group experiences for leadership teams, companies and communities that invite deeper authenticity and connection.

Simon is a voracious learner, with a B.A. in economics from U.C.S.B, and extensive training and multiple certifications in the field group dynamics and human systems including in mediation, N.L.P and relational leadership. He lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife Tamra Rutherford, where his passion for culture-building inspired him to co-found an intentional community almost 20 years ago that is still thriving, and a model for similar communities across the country.


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