If you consider yourself a culture-builder, we invite you to join the conversation!

We gather monthly for interviews and dialogue with inspiring culture-builders.

Culture Builder dinners and gatherings are intended for internal employees at start-ups and corporations. These events are curated and I’m choosing the best group of attendees so that we can get the most value out of our time together. For this reason, I require everyone to apply to attend to each gathering. Please know that if you aren’t selected for this gathering I invite you to apply again for the next event.

“Culture-Builders” is a growing community that meets to support and learn from each other, improve our approach, and advance the field of culture development. We gather in person and online. We share what we have learned. We listen deeply. What we have in common is that we feel the call to intentionally evolve the culture of the groups we serve, and love to talk about it with others.

This learning community is for people who are actively engaged in shaping the culture of a group–be it a team, an organization, or a community. Both external (consultants and coaches) as well as internal culture-builders are welcome.

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