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We are a growing community that meets to support and learn from each other, improve our approach, and advance the field of culture development.  We gather in person and online. We share what we have learned.  We listen deeply.  What we have in common is that we feel the call to intentionally evolve the culture of the groups we serve, and love to talk about it with others.

In the coming months, expect to receive invitations to both in-person culture-builder events including our Culture Dinner & Dialogue as well as Virtual Gatherings.

I thought you’d be interested in this 12 page introduction to how we approach Culture Design. It contains some thought provoking ideas I think you’ll find useful.

You can download the The Five Pitfalls of Culture Design by clicking on the image or link below. (You may need to right-click if you wish to download, rather than view directly)

Download the Five Pitfalls of Culture Design
The Five Pitfalls of Culture Design (PDF) >>

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